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The worlds first Social Impact Protocol

What is Ohana Dao!?

We aim to empower creatives and communities with real world nft utilty.

With Our four pillars inititive any Nft Could be Super Charged with Ohana Dao Utilties. Utilities that make a true Impact.

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Our Story & Mission

Fueled by the Hawaiian philosophy of “Aloha” (respect, compassion, responsibility), Ohana Dao brings together crypto, NFT, and environmental tech enthusiasts. We empower individuals to thrive sustainably, fostering positive living, financial prosperity, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Empower individuals, small businesses, and NFT communities to harness the power of decentralization for greater financial inclusion, transparency, and ownership.”

Utilities that make an Imapact

The Four Pillars of

Ohana Dao

Ohana DAO carefully selects utilities based on four core impact pillars. These pillars represent the guiding principles that define the types of utilities we curate, ensuring they deliver value to “the fam” (Ohana DAO members) and the wider community.


Ohana Dao collaborates with educational partners to foster ongoing learning and growth


Ohana Dao dedicates resources to causes aimed at creating a better environment & “Refi” Opportunities.


The Ohana Dao community offers a spectrum of of services and other community support systems.


OhanaDao empowers its partner NFT holders and members to partake in a network of pro-prosperity opportunities.

Shill your impact

Display your Impact stats. Using nft 2.0 users can have nfts they can be proud of in any market.

Nft providers can easily display the amount of impact their project provide!

Hula Girl Nft Pink Edition

The First Collection from Hi-mana studios. Hula girl nfts jump start the entire Ohana Dao Ecosystem! 420 Hula Girl Nfts are made from thousand of traits handcrafted By fine artist Jacqui Ford.

Each Hulagirl is radianting the spirit of Aloha. Each Hula Girl Nft will represent 10 trees planted and a funding of ocean clean up in California. adding to your impact score. Hula Nfts holders will also have access to education and Community resources powered by Ohana Dao

Empowering Musician With Music NFTS


Producer DJ Strapz is making waves with his latest project, “Flavors,” a unique music NFT experience. This genre-hopping album features diverse artists from across the United States. But “Flavors” goes beyond the music, offering a meaningful cause and interactive fan experience.

Additionally, DJ Strapz, the “curator of flavors,” will create a list of special utilities based on Ohana DAO’s “Four Pillars”. These perks could include anything from exclusive merchandise and to behind-the-scenes content and “airdrops!?”. The power lies in your hands, the “Flavors NFT” holders! The Holder of Flavors will get a chance vote on which utilities you want included, making this a truly collaborative and personalized experience.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of “Flavors,” a groundbreaking music NFT that combines incredible music, community engagement, and impactful giving.

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Kingsfishers Media LLC

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Hula Girl NFT

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Dj Strapz

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